sphobjinv: Impending v2.0 Release

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As a heads-up for anyone out there who might be using sphobjinv , my tool for inspecting and manipulating Sphinx objects.inv files, I’m working to put out a v2.0 release. The API has completely changed from v1.0. If you depend on it, you’ll definitely want to pin your version in the near future. The project will bump to production v2.0 once I get the docs finished.

A pre-release is already up on PyPI; as long as no major bugs emerge, the API won’t change upon transition to production v2.0. Please take it for a spin and let me know what you think. I’m particularly interested in knowing whether the suggest feature is useful to others–it’s certainly been helpful to me as I’ve been drafting the docs for the project.

Across the board, though, I highly recommend to upgrade: the new version fixes some pretty serious bugs (what was I thinking, putting sys.exit() in an API function??), and introduces a proper object model for handling inventory and object data.

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Written on May 31, 2018