Outlook VBA: Automatic Calendar Export

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While I’m sure there’s a way to set up Outlook and Google Calendar to sync in such a way that I can see my work schedule on GCal, I haven’t figured out how yet. (Suggestions welcome!) As a stopgap, I’m exporting my Outlook calendar to .ics and importing into a GCal dedicated to the purpose.

Outlook’s VBA object model provides a straightforward way to accomplish this. I put together a quick macro to drop the calendar to a specific location, derived from the VB.NET instructions here:

Sub calExport()

    Dim ol As Outlook.Application
    Dim cal As Folder
    Dim exporter As CalendarSharing
    Set ol = Application
    Set cal = ol.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar)
    Set exporter = cal.GetCalendarExporter
    With exporter
        .CalendarDetail = olFullDetails
        .IncludeAttachments = False
        .IncludePrivateDetails = False
        .RestrictToWorkingHours = False
        .IncludeWholeCalendar = True
        .SaveAsICal "C:\Path\To\Calendar.ics"
    End With

End Sub

The .ics file then imports cleanly into the Google Calendar. As far as I can tell, GCal is smart about not adding duplicate events, which is nice.

It’s also pretty easy to set it up to email out the .ics. Instead of .SaveAsICal, use .ForwardAsICal to create a new MailItem, to configure and send:

    Dim mi As MailItem


    With exporter
        set mi = .ForwardAsICal(olCalendarMailFormatEventList)
    End With

    With mi
        .Body = ""
        .To = "email@address.com"
        .Subject = Date & " " & Time & " Calendar"
    End With

To inspect the message before it’s queued into the Outbox, remove the .Send and populate a new Inspector with the MailItem instead:

    Dim insp As Inspector


    Set insp = ol.Inspectors.Add(mi)

Emailing out the .ics hasn’t been that helpful for this purpose, though, as I haven’t been able to figure out a way to trigger the GCal to import the calendar from the email payload.

Written on June 6, 2018