Keyboard Shortcut of the Day (KSotD): Introduction

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A significant part of my day-to-day productivity is the heavy use of keyboard shortcuts. Mousing is valuable in a lot of situations, but when selecting/executing a specific command while typing, the time involved in mousing is a major slowdown:

  1. Move hand to mouse
  2. Navigate mouse through one (or usually more menus)
  3. Click to select the desired command
  4. Move hand back to keyboard

This is a fairly significant interruption if the command involves just a single click; it’s positively glacial if multiple clicks are needed, or especially if multiple hops from keyboard to mouse and back are required.

Thus: Keyboard shortcuts are amazing.

I search out built-in shortcuts for every application I use regularly, mostly on Windows and in Microsoft Office, but not limited to those. I also make heavy use of Word’s ability to assign keystroke combinations both to internal functions and to custom macros. This “KSotD” feature will recur regularly (though probably not daily), and will highlight the shortcuts I use to speed up my workflows. To be clear, some of these shortcuts will involve ‘keyboard-modified mouse clicks’, breaking the paradigm of the title a bit, but … whatever.

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Written on May 23, 2018